Saturday, January 23, 2010

Indian in KC

We've been trying out Indian places in town. Six months ago, we were India Palace loyalists. Now, we'll see. I've got three different places to compare, and the comparisons will have certain categories:
  • Atmosphere
  • Friendliness
  • Freshness of Food
  • Spicyness
  • Desserts
  • Price
India Palace - 87th and Switzerish. Overall: 93. Atmosphere: 90. Great. Sometimes we run into people that we know from work. Clean and nice tables and buffet. Friendliness: 100!. The main guy, usually the cashier always makes us feel welcome, is nice to O, and is generally in a pleasant mood. The other staff are always courteous. Freshness: 85. It's great food, and I would eat there without any problem. India Palace is my gold standard for good food. Spicyness: 95. Not too spicy, not too bland. Perfect. Desserts: 95. Rice pudding and honey-drenched dough balls. Mmm. Price: 95. It's a buffet. Around $10/person.

Flavor of India - 87th and Quivira. Overall: 93. Atmosphere: 90. It was a little intimidating walking in, because we were the only ones at the restarant. It seemed a little dark. Friendliness: 90. Once we got in, the staff made us feel welcome. The only reason I give an A- is because the guy at India Palace is super-nice. Freshness: 100. The food tastes totally fresh, the sauces are the right consistancy (see Ruchi entry). Spicyness: 95. Food is well seasoned and not too spicy. Desserts: 85. Rice pudding here was great, but not much variety. Price: 95. Same as India Palace.

Ruchi - College and Antioch. Overall: 88. Atmosphere: 85. Nice place, not quite as fancy as the other two. And super-crowded when busy (which is a good thing for the food). Friendliness: 85. Okay. Freshness: 85. Definitely nothing wrong with the food, but not as fresh as Flavor of India. The sauces, for me, were a little thin. Lots of variety, though. Spicyness: 85. A little too spicy. Desserts: 100. Wow! The cake is amazing, and they had little sugary pastries that were great too. No rice pudding though. Price: 90. A little bit more than the other two.