Tuesday, February 9, 2010

...terribly disappointed that the Nerman's cafe doesn't have lunch made-to-order on Saturdays. Well, the Walt Bodine critics gave it such high marks that it's my pick for lunch this week. i'll let ya know how it is...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

two scotches

Went to McCoys last night. Delicious food with Yuki's brother's family. I think I'm going to turn this into a scotch post, though.

I tried two, the Glenmorangie 10, and the Cragganmore.

I had the Cragganmore with dinner, because it's a more full-bodied, punchy variety. The last couple of times I've had it, it hasn't really wowed me. But it's been a few years, so I thought I'd give it a chance.

Cragganmore 12
The color: amber
The nose: Floral and medicinal.
The body: Thin, not really syrupy. Spicy at the end.
Big and peppery, woody without much smoke. And spice. Undernotes of floral and citrus.
It's a complex malt that I'm not overly fond of.

I waited until after dinner with the Glenmorangie, because I knew it had sweeter, more delicate notes. More of a mild dessert scotch.

Glenmorangie 10
The color: pale yellow
The nose: fruity and hints of cinnamon and toasted marshmallows.
The body: syrupy and smooth.
Mild and sustained, like brown sugar and vanilla. Creamy.