Sunday, May 2, 2010

Greek / Mediterranean food

Yuki and I have been to Mr. Gyros a few times, and it's always amazingly good. I usually get the gyro platter. It's basically a plate of lamb, feta, pitas, tomatoes, and taziki sauce. Mmm. The service is always fast, and the place looks crowded but you can usually find a place to seat and the line doesn't take too long to get through.

One more thing about Mr. Gyros. They've got big tvs, but the tvs are always showing a Greek travel video, or something, so it's nowhere near as obnoxious as those sports-bar places that have distracting tv on.

We've also been to Caspian Bistro, over on Metcalf. They've got more variety, but I stuck to the gyros there too. Caspian Bistro has good service and good food, and it should be more supported than it is. Both times we've been there, there have been only a few people eating.

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