Monday, November 2, 2009

Blanc Burgers and Bottles - 10/31

We met my sister and her boyfriend at Blanc in swanky Mission Farms. Kelly and I had been to the one in Westport on a rainy, humid night. Delicious burgers that night.

It was Halloween and there were lots of kids running around the place, which was bothersome at first. Jason was pretty quiet at first, but he loosened up a little as the night went on. Kelly had the inside out burger, which was filled with bleu cheese. Tasty. And I had the classic, a regular burger with cheese and lettuce, pickles. I had the onion rings as a side. Great food. Blanc's deal is that they have a ton of bottles of beer, but nothing on tap.

So, I was in the mood for something dark and I tried the Harviestown Old Engine Oil. Dark and thick, kind of sludgy, from Scotland. Kelly didn't like it (big surprise). Not bad. I went for the Nocturnum Delirium next, a Belgian beer. I should have known it would be different when I saw the pink elephant on the bottle. It smelled crisp and a little fruity, kind of like a champagne. And it tasted a little lighter than the Old Engine Oil, but still dark. Not as smooth. I liked the Nocturnum better than the Engine Oil. I'll have to make a point to check out more Belgian beers.

Our table was one of the last ones to leave. It was nice to relax with those guys over a few beers and tasty food. We'll definitely go back to Blanc, but we might stick to the one in Westport.

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