Monday, November 23, 2009

Cafe Verona - 11/21

Cafe Verona - 11/21

We went out to dinner with J&M to a nice italian place in Independence. Yuki and I had never been there before, but J&M had. We came in to find the place busy but not rushed. The atmosphere was relaxing. They gave us an (almost) private table upstairs, overlooking the bar. Lots of delicious-sounding things on the menu.

We decided on some wine, a chianti, and some bruchetta appetizers. The wine was good. Smooth, a little oaky. The bruchettas were each topped with different things. One had some yummy olive tapenade. Another had goat cheese (mmm), and the other had some other kind of cheese.

The Main Course.
Generally when I go to an italian place, it's the fettucine for me. But the new, improved me wanted something different (and not so cream/butter/cheese-laden). It was hard fro me to decide between the Shrimp Parmesan Risotto (M got that) and the Rigatoni Rosa. It had big rigatoni noodles, sausage, peas, and a creamy tomato sauce. The portion was huge, I think I only ate about half of it.

K and J got the special, chicken with roasted red pepper and some sort of oyster integration. Pretty tasty. But the star of the show was J's oyster soup. It was almost like a chowder, warm and hearty, and salty and full of oysters. He was nice enough to let everyone try a bite. Great meal and great company!

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