Sunday, November 15, 2009


Scott's birthday dinner. He didn't know we were going there or that we were meeting five others.

excellent for foodie types like us. portions were a bit small, but worthy of the price. great wine--Firesteed pinot. mushroom phyllo dough bites were smoooooooth and rich with the soy sauce reduction. lobster mashed potatoes--'nuf said. seafood platter--crab cake, tempura shrimp and the best scallop i've ever had. really, that scallop was not fishy at all, perfect texture. i'd go back just to get a plate of those. desserts on the house 'cause we were waiting for J's "well done" steak. all were rich and smooth 'cept for the funnel cakes--take 'em or leave '

I should have taken photos of the time, next time.

Absolutely worthy of a revisit. Perhaps for a formal lunch...

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