Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last night we ate at Blanc Burgers & Bottles.

This time we visited the 107th and Mission location instead of Westport. Normally I'd love to go to Westport to eat, bypassing the snobbery of the the Leawood location...but it being Halloween night and the trickery of party-ers in Westport, the suburban spot worked much better. Besides, we were dropping off the babe in south, south JoCo so this was it.

I mention the location because it's always a matter of atmosphere. The place was buzzing when we arrived at 6:30, full of middle-aged daters and teen-agers who were either too old to trick or treat or getting their grub on before the festivities. Definitely not a Westport crowd. But, I enjoyed the meal I had when we ate at the other spot so I knew the food was gonna be good.

...didn't finish this one, but you get the idea. thanks, scott for the review.

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